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Special green welcome to Rosalia past president of Ecuador who later this month moderates year 1 of  UNChapter11: sustainability city/communities out of the land that Darwin made his lab for studying nature’s species including the human one
Hello too : to #learninggeneration  fans especially those who encountered any of Gordon Browns top 30 connectors of the future of education at UN on 18 september,

Back at start of 1700s, mainland scots caught up in one of the first international savings scams failed to sustain their nation and became one of London's first Colonies, leaving the majority who became the diaspora over the next 6 quarters of a century to become worldwide curiosity fans.and accidentally to be among the greatest global teachers of English. That is until the opening up of Hangzhou started in 1976 by a ten year old Chinese student of English with quite a wonderful globalisation of small enterprise free trade to live up to.  May we recall.Marco Polo described Hangzhou: capital of the Southern Song, as the finest and most splendid city in the world. Situated at the southern end of the Grand Canal, Hangzhou was a natural center for trade.Marco Polo reported that Hangzhou had ten marketplaces, each half a mile long, where 40,000 to 50,000 people would go to shop on any given day. There were also innumerable restaurants and bathhouses with either hot or cold water baths:

1 Now Boarding: West2East leadership and youth Tours - from an overtrumped usa and a euro-rottingeurope (refer to george soros latest) to china andkorea (and anywhere else east you choose youth to joyfully explore with you)

URGENCY & Common sense rationale on why Leadership Quest from West to East: 
breaking news: Germany pied pipered Europe with the most rotten bank of all: this week, see New Zealandreports: turmoil is being triggered by a demand by US authorities that Deutsche Bank (Germany’s biggest) pay $14 billion to settle an investigation in mortgage-backed securities, the investments that turned out to be duds and helped trigger the global financial crisis. That sum is about the same as Deutsche Bank's entire market value as of Friday –naïive question: so does this mean trump could get 14 billion more to pump into us bad property banking?.
2 lets build 2016-2030 as greatest #learninggeneration instead of dumbed down mass media generation
3 lets open space so that by 2030 half of all vocational training is outside the standardized tested classroom  - in universities demand open space courses are as common as podium ones; in children schooling hub open spaces wherever the school day ends- that’s what Norway already does as world’s favorite community-led support system for families and children’s growth


Community Building Networks of Open Space China and Brooklyn by Amy

4  worldwide civics and open systems curriculum can be designed first around empowering 5th grade teachers understanding what they need to help every community understand to prevent locking in children of a place to ever more broken systems – let's end being ruled over by economists unless their maths valuetrue to these 3 socio-economic-faith dynamics:
4.3 next generation have better livelihood opportunity than previous one- as far as we can search that's only reason why nature accepts humans as top of her value webs;
4.2 end the percentage of places around the world where you can be born into almost no chance of health and so little chance of being productive;
4.1 sustainability analyse and invest :  ahead of time the main change exponentials which since 1939 every 7 years has been doubling spend on borderless communications and arms technologies for peace or ...;
continued right
Continued from left: # Generations in Borderless Future Shock : where >8000 times more spent 2030 versus 1939- moores law doubling over 7 year intervals (=2**13)
1939 -1960 first three 7-year doublings of spend on borderless communications and hope-for-peace technologies - Refer to biography of John Von Neuman (in Englsih and Chinese )
1953-1967 - how japan grew to 2nd wealthiest nation through microelectronics, quality systems, and linking in superports –consider japanis reported here

1960-1967 the growth and fall of Kennedy's living vision continued as the moon race to 1969 thru 1974-- bit for bit  1960s promised greatest collaboration between human and computing brain which  had vanished by the time of America's strange 200th birthday ruled over by nixon in which his personal war with youth started every accelerating cost of us universities while playing pingpong with china; by 1976. chinese expatriates were already the 3rd richest identity and a benchmark for what hard working future capitalism their culture was due to spring once freed from the ideology that had protected all of China from being with the rest of the world 

The Economist (1975) joyfully imagines  Chinese diasporas as greatest traders the world had seen opening up the mainland
by then father and i were studying at UK's development centre for computer assisted learning: how youth used online learning networks- this is where the terrifying idea of entrepreneurial revolution began – terrifying in that doubling of tech spends was going to continue to 2030 – that’s 8000 fold more being spent on a borderless world- so unless this brought down costs of life shaping services presumably spending 8000 more on tech cannot sustain human beings – the maths of that is blindingly obvious, Not so simple is the greatest LearningGeneration - the societal mediation of love and emotional intelligences and not just IQ  --- empowering under 35s to collaboratively do that out of every global village staring with the poorest ?
5 TIPPING POINT NOW (more october 5 to november 5 at BRAC  girls empowerment spaces Dhaka and Hangzhou, and WISE dialogue Beijing):  the good news for those reading this is that English language along with chinese and coding languages are the 3 most valuable skills global youth connect sustainability through- peer to peer models can reduce the cost of action learning all 3 languages by 10 to 100 fold just as ali baba has reduced the cost of small enterprise banking and channel marketing with EWTP to come – more for those who agree this is good news wherever youth and PPP and POP and alibabauni.com connect (jargon POP=Preferential Option Poor; PPP =Public Private ;Partnerships youth most need to be trusted to mediate sustainability's exponential impacts of)

-goodwill and love to all from  isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com and QuaterBillionGirls
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Do economists understand and value sustainability, and do sustainability experts contribute to what economic system rules the world? This question matters most in a world where intellects are dominated by Keynes reasoning that only economics rules what is possible -and what is purposefully grounded - with all manmade systems. http://worldcitizen.tv/  Colboration Friends of my late dad Norman Macrae http://worldeconomist.net/  have entered our 26th year of linking entrepreneurs concerned to map how to ensure community rising economics - not too big to fail systems - invests in future generations and worldwide cultures. Do you have a media or mediating game to share that sustainability youth can play? 

99% of top ranked economists devalue families, communities and investment in youth with every piece of advice they sell governments and corporations and media- individually this isn't their fault; but professionally isn't it the world's biggest mistake maths mistake : to blindside how much of human productivity begins with children the greatest sustainability investment our species can collaboratively create - if you agree, consider joining the association of family foundations isabellawm.com

Collaboration Cafe networks were founded by Eurocitizens in 2003 concerned that EU knowledge management did not value future of sustainability at community rising levels


We first hosted 2 sustainability billionaire entrepreneur game on london of 2004 with various groups including the sustainability teams at the Quakers friends house –one of whose emerging professional networks has graduated post the wall street debacle to being known as trillion dollar audit

Other sustainbility games we admire but dont have the right to franchise connect around Ray Anderson of Interface and his mount sustainability -through whose maps any industrial company can practice to come to profitably interface its whole supply chain in a race towards zero waste


We are most delighted of all to have started studying with 1000 peer readers the sustainability investment games of Muhammad yunus and Bangladesh’s microeconomics leaders His games are named social business; we are preparing the 10 biggest collaboration partnering games in sustainability and job creation form our understanding of attending the launch of his new global social business game that we first heard about at his 69th birthday party in dhaka in june and attended the global brand launch of during Germany’s week long celebrations’ of the 20th fall of wall

  We are delighted to try and help people understand these games well enough for them t become self-sufficient searchers and enrtreprenurial tests of sustainability; equally if you know of any other open game formats please tell us  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington DC 301 881 1655RSVP info @worldcitizen.tv : washington DC usa 301 881 1655 if we can help you assemble
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Sustainability is the consequence of systems we are in- and systems can compound only one of 2 ends exponentially up or expoentially down - see The Choice  http://wholeplanet.tv/id32.html
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Different cities vote on their own membership sustainability though we adopt common ways of mapping sustainability both
amateurly so that generations can question (action learn -eg http://yunus10000.com/ ) what the media is overlooking
as a professional service where organisations truly want to know where they rank from ending human race to 100 sustaining it.
In todays' higly connecting world, the whole truth is any leadership strategy's is wholly interdependent on where along the exponential curve the company is already spiing - so professional services are offered both off the record and for those who want the reputational gain of being top in their industry sector. See also http://trilliondollaraudit.com/
The sustainability cris of globalisation was forecast by my father (after 40 years of journalism interviews) in 1984 as reaching exponential crisis points towards the end of this decade. Over the last 25 eyars he only solutions we've been shown to work -so that all 7 billion beings win-win-win way above zero-sum professional standards ruling the 20th century -  come from practces of microeconomists , the father of computing networks John von Neumann and entrepreneurs trusting the micro contextual viewpoint as the opposite system round from measurement spreadsheeting global lowest common denominator standards, 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The way big corporates feed Americans, like the way they energise Americans, has become one of the tragedies of our young 3rd millennium- not just for Americans but for our worldwide.

In this context , John Mackey is a most unusual CEO of a fortune 500 company.  It’s quite rare for a founder to still be the CEO, but what makes John one of a kind is that he blogs on the sins of the market sector he is. See one extract footnoted where in plain speaking style we are warned that the American's diet is designed for disease, and if you take health costs into account may be the least economic on the planet!

John’s mission with his whole foods supermarket is to get Americans back on track to foods that are good for them as well as getting the farming of foods back to being sustainable.

Unfortunately, there is now so much noise in advertising  labels claiming to be organic that sometimes brands make up their own definitions, and paying a high price isn’t always an indicator of quality the customer assumes it is. Moreover foods that in my youth were no brainers for nutrition like fish are not so obvious in every case these days when you look how chemically polluted some fish have become

John has always had a corporate vision of cleaning up the future of foods which was made clear to prospective shareholders when his company first went public. One of the results is that like Danone he has some budgets at his discretion dedicated to long term sustainability of foods. It is these resources that have been leveraged in John’s design of a social business he calls wholeplanetfoundation.org

Whole planet typically connects microcredit and fair trade in some of the more strategic product fields that WholeFoods sources. Moreover John is one of the benchmark cases of taking his social business into the operations of his main business. Wholefoods staff are clearly motivated by the opportunities to take a time out to go and work on location with some of wholeplanet’s projects. At the end of the year, microcredit calendars are sold. And in many years there is a microcredit information month with leaflets and oppotrtunities to donate.

If globalization isn’t to spin into the worst of Orwellian scenarios then my family's research since 1984 suggests the 2010s are the last decade that turning round to a sustainable future can remain possible.

The world and America needs John Mackey;  needs other CEOs like Ray Anderson  of Interface who demonstrates that sustainability is like any quality highly profitable once you wholeheartedly invest in it not just in your organisation but by engaging sustainability leaders across the whole supply chain  

Having studied branding all my working life, I can tell you a facet that is not complicated. Its about what you let people commicate through you. It does involve power, which can be used to good or bad ends. Most advertising spots have become viciously unsustainable and we should be tutoring school chldren not to watch them, or to know how to analytically see through their braindraining. People need to take back the messages, restore local markets in global villages (real and virtual), map the wholeplanet the way nature connect whole truths through.

Yes We Can connect through leaders of purpose if we help each other race for sustainability with the urgency that the 2010s must awake to. 2012 will be one of the greatest tests when London's sustainability Olympics is also the opportunity for a social business summit the likes of which must open the BBC's eyes to sustainability as being every public broadcasters' number 1 world service responsibility. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8130130.stm

From John Mackey's Blog

Rather than increase governmental spending and control, what we need to do is address the root causes of disease and poor health.  This begins with the realization that every American adult is responsible for their own health.  Unfortunately many of our health care problems are self-inflicted with over 2/3 of Americans now overweight and 1/3 obese.  Most of the diseases which are both killing us and making health care so expensive-heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and obesity, which account for about 70% of all health care spending, are mostly preventable through proper diet, exercise, not smoking, minimal or no alcohol consumption, and other healthy lifestyle choices.

American Diet

Over the past two decades, breakthrough scientific research by Colin Campbell, as documented in his book The China Study, and clinical medical experiences by many doctors including Dean Ornish, Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall, Joel Fuhrman, and Neal Barnard have shown that a diet consisting of whole foods which are plant-based, nutrient dense, and low-fat will help prevent and often reverse most of the degenerative diseases that are killing us, and becoming more and more expensive to treat through drugs and surgery.  We should be able to live healthy and largely disease free lives until we are well into our 90’s and even past 100 years of age

From the system supporters club supporting peer to peer understanding of John Mackey's perspectives for sustainability

In order to create a "Conscious Capitalism" worthy of the name, not only do entrepreneurs and managers of business enterprises need to be capable of incorporating the key principles of Conscious Businesses,

1. Deeper purpose
2. A commitment to the well-being of all stakeholders
3. Servant leadership

But they also need to understand capitalism itself.

In its ideal form, best articulated by Ludwig von Mises in Human Action, capitalism is the most humane system for coordinating human activity known to human kind.

5:31 pm est 


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Selection of correspondence across Club Cities

To alan -urgent book the choice of views on how to govern free markets

THE CHOICE people of this global world make now - by lurker's default or proactively
1 measure by how much one side can extract from all otheres every quarter
2 communal entrepreneurial map  (goodwill's 10 multiplying coordinate relationship system) sustaining all sides of productvity and demand in rising exponentials not crasshing ones - since a system can only spiral one of 2 ways - governing the system outcome should be the number 1 perfomance measurement of any nation or race with a future
I will try to show at the bottom of http://trilliondollaraudit.com that
B social business model
Capitalism: trillion dollar audit - ie when the compass is a global marejt worth a trillion dollars such as banking or enmergy or indeed any of yunus 10 priority worlds he asked mostofa and I so see if we could build microicummits around taking microcredit as the lead example
Action Learning Entrepreneurs in every eprson :  entrepreneurial revolution frame (multiplying each person's flow to be productive contextually) my father (and as far as I can see yunus) always interviewed enrepreneurs to clarify which were spinning sutainable future for the good of all and which were about to crash
are all the same model and as far as I know they are the expoential model that adma smith intended free market economists to steards for the good of all nations
so alan is the story and the method clear communally? how long will it take to have a book proposal we can issue? might a s well send one copy up to public affairs guy who came to rac lunch hosted by Dr Yunus and Norman macrae for 30 people in Saint James who will you take your copies to?

2010s Partners in Sustainability

What types of peer leaders could join in benchmarking clubs to restore sustainability to globalisation

· Global Corporations

· Business Schools

· Regional public servant leaders

· Foundations

· Owners of global events

· Owners of digital markets

· Royal families, Nobel Peace Laureates, & others with world fame but transparently no vested interests

· ...

What sorts of exponentially compounding sustainability crises can be addressed by leadership partnerships in sustainability?

· Job creation

· Ecological

· Extreme innovations and free markets for poorest billion

· Co-branding sustainability festivals with world  staged events (eg London’s Sustainability Olympics)

· ...


Who is trusted to act as global benchmarking hosts?


· Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus who is convening partnerships around system approach of social business modelling

· – please tell us if you know of others

Is there a solution to every sustainability crisis


Currently Yes but

It often needs to be community-up and open sourced nor global-down and owned by one side

Exponentials have tipping points after which irreversibility sets in. In 1984, a consensus surveyed by The Economist guestimated that we would need to have fully transformed into a sustainable globalisation by 2024. This made 2010s absolutely critical decade for sharing understanding of systems and exponentials worldwide.


Alan I don’t mind about what you choose to say in the book in terms of appealing to vanities of readers but I do wish to clarify that mapping maths is extremely simple; moreover anyone who doesn’t know of this maths who says they are trying to help humanity is deluding themselves, and so anyone else they influence- knowing this is also why the yunus wave of common sense wont come again ,and we must connect around it on time and in every way that good grace can be brought to bear 

 quite simply how can you have a maths less sustainable of any community or context than one side talking as much it can every quarter from everyone else where that much is both money and destruction of nature, health, literally compounding any risk that the others don’t know about or which a big lawyer (or billions of dollars of misinforming ads) can lobby isn’t a risk that needs public intervention

 yunus'  -and my converse logic - which on close expectation is the same antidote to purpose-destroying ownership.... frees up 10 win systemisation (5 productivity coordinates and 5 demand coordinates -see bottom of  http://www.trilliondollaraudit.com/ )of positive future exponentials by putting ownership demands in the hands of those in most desperate need of the service (what one of your books called right side up) whilst ensuring this organization is stewarded by bankers working for multiplying the goodwill of all -whilst it may be an accident that grameen (and then sister grassroots bangladesh organizations ) evolved to grow social business models this MICRO-governed way- as yunus says if you have made billions from an industry at some stage in your life why wouldn’t you want to use industry knowledge to serve those most vitally impacted by what you know and which none of your profiting business is going to reach anyway

 or as another example, why wouldn’t real privatization -replacing a government unable to manage a service in way that energizes employee and other demands positively - again turn over the assets to those in most desperate need and again stewarded by bankers working for their investment in increasing the purpose delivery of this organisation

 there are many other models - ie world's best school luckow was founded by a family of 4 ; purpose not excess profit was always their aim ; today they serve 31000 kids a year and are a top 10 school in all of india with a resource base probably one hundredth per child that other top 10 show schools are usually made of

 or there are "family companies" like sc johnson where short-term profiteering is not part of the reputation the family has

 in fact if we go back to when an organisation was founded and compounded from small to large -except where it had a monopoly or cheated it always needed communal win-win-wins (and innovated according to heaviest customer needs in tune with future possibilities to innovate) 

 it is not even true that today's corporation measurable only to quarterly numbers benefits long term investors; the people it benefits are:

 people at the very top whose bonus is measured by annual results- who these days in america are paying themselves about 500 times more than the average worker in their company - an inside group of 20 or so; a few corrupt professions around them; and of course trading analysts who unfortunately make revenue by how much they churn stock; and speculators

 worse embedded in this maths that is perfect for exponentially accelerating distrust and end of communal sustainability is the industrial notion that a company can only invest in things it owns; so you can never book in training of employees as an investment they must always be treated as costs to cut while you book in excess stock and other assets which you may never be able to subprime sell; worse with American lawyers able to sue boardrooms that don’t maximize every 90 days we have the profiting by externalizing/outsourcing risk (or practically slave-labor trading) onto a community the other side of the world who knows least about it

 WRONG VALUATION OF GOODWILL MULTIPLICATION (aka Unseen wealth, profit beyond measure)

 we are about 20 years into almost all of the west's largest organizations being governed by this monopoly metrics of exponential destruction of the purpose their industry sector could be most humanly valued for- it is time to play industry sector responsibility games the way yunus does with future capitalism but which we can map with trillion dollar audit http://trilliondollaraudit.com/ - do this now and we can turn a world round from supporting at best .5 billion worthwhile jobs/lifetime exponentials to 7 billion brilliant entrepreneurial lives - please let's just do it now


so please can we get the proposal of this book done now we have both all your writing on why the official doctrine is such an intellectual trap but also upward exponential examples from grameen - because the one bit of good news when a maths mistake is causing lost sustainability all over the world, is change the maths and we can find upward sustainability exponentials lifting off everywhere; there are solutions to every crisis deep in communities but these are not being shared both because of the both mathematical error and because of living in a media world where the cost to let everyone know of a new live saving solution and of a new flavour of soda is the same billions of dollars- another reason why poor old adam smith's nostrum of free markets was wholly valid but just doesn’t exist in today’s world wherever big power most noisily claims to be exercising it